31st October 2012

RADAR: Broadcast To Release ‘Berberian Sound Studio’ Soundtrack via WARP

Despite the doom and gloom and tragedy of Sandy’s aftermath, some incredible news for Nightwatchers arrived in our inbox today. Long-time pop surrealist heroes Broadcast will officially release the soundtrack to Berberian Sound Studio (aka the one film electronic oddity enthusiasts and Italian horror fans ALIKE must see right now) in January via their label home, Warp Records. Recorded before Trish Keenan’s death, this is the first official post-mortem release Broadcast has presented since she tragically passed nearly two years ago. More ruminations are said to be on the way. We’re not here to lambast you with new release ‘scoops’ or clickbait, but this development is too important not to share. So delight in it! And get thee to a movie theatre to see BSS stat & listen to “The Equestrian Vortex” as soon as you digest this information.

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