23rd January 2013


Nightvision presents: Nochexxx’s ‘Guided Subways’ Mix.

Tracklisting: John Bender - It’s Something To Do
Glass Domain - Interlock
Bill Nelson - Transformation 1
DJ Diamond - Torture Rack
Beastie Boys - Sounds Of Science
Afrika Bambaataa ‎– Deathmix (Rush edit)
Negativeland - Michael Jackson
Suicide - Surrender
Moralische Endrustung – Ich Liebte Sie Alle
Frieder Butzman - I’m A 7 Inch Single
Zacky Force Funk- The Split
Thomas Leer - Private Plane
Polyphonic Size - On The Way To Medora
Aphex Twin - ?

‘Guided Subways’ very suitably mutates between screwball hip-hop and deep-below-the-mantle cold wave gems - as well as a classic from Selected Ambient Works 2. Nochexxx on his handiwork below:

What inspired your Nightvision mix?

Perusing your Tumblr and discovering Annie Anner’s glorious 'Human Race'. Tuning into Minimal Wave and being left speechless after hearing Moralishe Endrustung’s incredible ‘Ich Liebte Sie Alle’. I lean toward lots of oddball ‘secret history’ music myself, so it wasn’t difficult finding a few records I wanted to play back.

What significance do the songs have you to you and to each other?

I just go with whatever makes my spidey senses tingle, always. What was your process of selecting and mixing the songs?

There’s usually only one or two tracks I’ll be obsessing over on an LP, so I’ll pick those out. To be honest, I’m not a great DJ, as I’m crap at mixing, Don’t sweat the technicals!

What does the mix capture?

Straight-up NCHX remote viewing NY through Nika Vision lenses.

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