7th March 2013


image We asked The KVB to curate a mix for us, knowing that Klaus Von Barrel and Kat Day’s immaculate tastes would lead us to an exciting collision of restless synthetic sounds. Evocatively named ‘Reflecting Grey’, the sounds fill in the aesthetic details of the universe those simple words suggest: cavernous, malcontent, pensive electronic excursions from the past fifty years of experimental musicmaking. Von Haze and Silent Servant showcase a contemporary assessment of intensely personal (but symbolically dystopian) themes, while Ike Yard and Grauzone’s black waves of synth punk hint at the crux of The KVB’s primary fixations. Sixties vanguards Delia Derbyshire (wobulator matriarch) and garage freq Joe Meek reflect back dreams from a forgotten vintage future. And The KVB’s own remix of Eraas’ ‘At Heart’ exhibits the duo’s knack for reimagining the circuitry of others’ dreams. imageWhat did you aim to capture with your Nightvision mix?
I think there is a hazy, dark, industrial winter vibe to this mix, well that’s what i wanted to try and capture. It feels like its been a long, cold winter here and i wanted the mix to reflect that.

What do the tracks contained share with each other?
They are all songs I’ve either discovered fairly recently, or have re-discovered after a long while - they’re all tracks I’ve been listening to a lot over the last few weeks. I had intended to include the original version of ‘At Heart’ by ERAAS, but then thought using our remix flowed well with the other tracks and, of course, would make it more relevant to us!

Where were you when you recorded the mix?
I put it together on a Tuesday morning on a rainy day at home, just after coming back from our brief UK tour supporting Tamaryn.

Where does this mix belong?
Maybe its because we have been traveling around so much recently, but I see this mix as a winter road trip mix. Suited to being played loudly while traveling from one industrial wasteland to another and embracing the grey.


Belong - Keep Still
Silent Servant - Temptation & Desire
Go-Go darkness - Re-install My Heart
Grauzone - Moskau
Eraas - At heart (The Kvb Remix)
Ike Yard - Kino
Von Haze - Mother Mountain
Delia Derbyshire - Ziwzih Ziwzih 00-00-00
Joe Meek & The Blue Men - The Bublight

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