9th February 2013

Nightvision Surveillance:

Our nightly friends Tropic of Cancer had their chilling track ‘The One Left’ featured in designer Alexandre Plokhov’s amazing Fall 2013 collection video! Melancholic sonic and sartorial architecture collide. This feels like fate and we’re happy to be witnessing it.

10th December 2012

"The Social Network" winning Best Original Score. A stunning moment we shall use to inaugurate the new week….as we tightly hold our breath for the new NIN material.

Source: youtube.com

7th December 2012

Paris / Berlin : 20 Years of Underground Techno // Official Trailer .
If you aren’t going to Dissolve’s Traversable Wormhole/ Material Object / Gobby techno assault in Brooklyn tonight, live the dream vicariously like us by watching this film tonight.

Source: vimeo.com

25th November 2012

Sunday viewing: A Tale Of Two Sisters. The paranormal Virgin Suicides.

Source: youtube.com

22nd November 2012

A Thanksgiving viewing treat: When I Sold My Soul To The Machine, a neat little 2004 documentary that chronicles that rise & splintering of the Hague electronic scene. Features Legowelt, I-F, Unit Moebius + numerous Dutch techno/Bunker/Acid Planet comrades in moments of wit, angst, nostalgic reflection, and utter electrified bliss. A brief but entertaining little journey for disco slaves + mutant dancefloor radicals alike. And the (literal) underground parties will make you cry in envy. Part I is here. You can stream the other chapters from the internal video links. Enjoy.

You can also stream or download this tremendous Hague-saluting retrospective mixtape from Bunker allies + veterans Creme Organization here: