13th January 2013


Nightvision is an aesthetic manifesto, sound chamber, and live platform dedicated to advancing the Future Noir. The name doesn’t lie: we love the nocturnal, the ‘high-tech, low-life’ music, cinema, and art created in shadow, by those on the fringe of everything (and yes, we believe secrets still exist).

We are here to inspire and inform and invigorate the equally committed and curious. ‘Future, forgotten and foreign’ sounds are our specialty, but exceptional music demands its own world to exist within, so we strive towards a holistic aesthetic, presenting complementary ideas from industrial design, sci-fi/horror cinema, literature, and experimental art to coincide with the music we love. This is a place for artists to tell their stories, and a place we plot our own.

We converse with creatives, share original and guest-curated electronica mixes, and dispense exciting video, songs, art, and wisdom we want to share. We host and DJ international electronic shows. We’re interested in those who don’t quite fit into the present, therefore who are totally free of its boundaries - and those whose art challenges, and deserves to impact, ways we relate to the world. We believe in true progress, not quick fixes.

Some may call it dystopian, but that’s just another way to keep people at arm’s length. For the cold, the harsh, the haunted and the lonely: we gave it a home, we gave it a name, and we invite you to join us.

Carpe Noctum,

Thanks to our creative allies Imp Kerr and Singer & Partner for summoning the art and science of ThisIsNightvision.com to life!