7th March 2013


image We asked The KVB to curate a mix for us, knowing that Klaus Von Barrel and Kat Day’s immaculate tastes would lead us to an exciting collision of restless synthetic sounds. Evocatively named ‘Reflecting Grey’, the sounds fill in the aesthetic details of the universe those simple words suggest: cavernous, malcontent, pensive electronic excursions from the past fifty years of experimental musicmaking. Von Haze and Silent Servant showcase a contemporary assessment of intensely personal (but symbolically dystopian) themes, while Ike Yard and Grauzone’s black waves of synth punk hint at the crux of The KVB’s primary fixations. Sixties vanguards Delia Derbyshire (wobulator matriarch) and garage freq Joe Meek reflect back dreams from a forgotten vintage future. And The KVB’s own remix of Eraas’ ‘At Heart’ exhibits the duo’s knack for reimagining the circuitry of others’ dreams. imageWhat did you aim to capture with your Nightvision mix?
I think there is a hazy, dark, industrial winter vibe to this mix, well that’s what i wanted to try and capture. It feels like its been a long, cold winter here and i wanted the mix to reflect that.

What do the tracks contained share with each other?
They are all songs I’ve either discovered fairly recently, or have re-discovered after a long while - they’re all tracks I’ve been listening to a lot over the last few weeks. I had intended to include the original version of ‘At Heart’ by ERAAS, but then thought using our remix flowed well with the other tracks and, of course, would make it more relevant to us!

Where were you when you recorded the mix?
I put it together on a Tuesday morning on a rainy day at home, just after coming back from our brief UK tour supporting Tamaryn.

Where does this mix belong?
Maybe its because we have been traveling around so much recently, but I see this mix as a winter road trip mix. Suited to being played loudly while traveling from one industrial wasteland to another and embracing the grey.


Belong - Keep Still
Silent Servant - Temptation & Desire
Go-Go darkness - Re-install My Heart
Grauzone - Moskau
Eraas - At heart (The Kvb Remix)
Ike Yard - Kino
Von Haze - Mother Mountain
Delia Derbyshire - Ziwzih Ziwzih 00-00-00
Joe Meek & The Blue Men - The Bublight

23rd January 2013


Nightvision presents: Nochexxx’s ‘Guided Subways’ Mix.

Tracklisting: John Bender - It’s Something To Do
Glass Domain - Interlock
Bill Nelson - Transformation 1
DJ Diamond - Torture Rack
Beastie Boys - Sounds Of Science
Afrika Bambaataa ‎– Deathmix (Rush edit)
Negativeland - Michael Jackson
Suicide - Surrender
Moralische Endrustung – Ich Liebte Sie Alle
Frieder Butzman - I’m A 7 Inch Single
Zacky Force Funk- The Split
Thomas Leer - Private Plane
Polyphonic Size - On The Way To Medora
Aphex Twin - ?

‘Guided Subways’ very suitably mutates between screwball hip-hop and deep-below-the-mantle cold wave gems - as well as a classic from Selected Ambient Works 2. Nochexxx on his handiwork below:

What inspired your Nightvision mix?

Perusing your Tumblr and discovering Annie Anner’s glorious 'Human Race'. Tuning into Minimal Wave and being left speechless after hearing Moralishe Endrustung’s incredible ‘Ich Liebte Sie Alle’. I lean toward lots of oddball ‘secret history’ music myself, so it wasn’t difficult finding a few records I wanted to play back.

What significance do the songs have you to you and to each other?

I just go with whatever makes my spidey senses tingle, always. What was your process of selecting and mixing the songs?

There’s usually only one or two tracks I’ll be obsessing over on an LP, so I’ll pick those out. To be honest, I’m not a great DJ, as I’m crap at mixing, Don’t sweat the technicals!

What does the mix capture?

Straight-up NCHX remote viewing NY through Nika Vision lenses.

15th January 2013


A wondrous mix made exclusively for Nightvision, introduced here by Moon Wiring Club’s Ian Hodgson:


01. Eo. A.D. 2600
02. Beaumont Hannant. SYm-phon5
03. Reload. Le Soleil Et La Mer (Black Dog Productions Remix)
04. Ecstasy of Saint Theresa. Sooper Kosmos
05. Celia Green. Lucidity
06. Panasonic. Urania
07. LFO. Goodnight Vienna
08. Robert Leiner. Autopia
09. Claude Young. Multiplicity of Zeros and Ones
10. Jeff Mills. Man From Tomorrow
11. LFO. Tied Up Electro
12. FSOL. Everyone in the World is Doing Something Without Me
13. Microglobe. Trust
14. Slowdive. In Mind Bandulu Remix (Out Mind)
15. Soft Ballet. Ride (Global Communication Dub Mix)
16. FSOL. Antique Toy
17. Woob. Amoeba
18. Luke Slater’s 7th Plane. Shades Amaze
19. Biosphere. Novelty Waves (Arctic Mix)
20. Speedy J. The Fun Equations
21. Octagon Man. Klunk
22. Beautyon. Rustless
23. Autocreation. Snatch
24. Baby Ford. Dead Eye
25. Anthony Manning. Concision
26. Saint Etienne. Like a Motorway (Skin up, you’re already Dead by Autechre)
27. Bradley Strider. Bradley’s Robot
28. Mira Calix. Khala (assisted by Gescom)
29. David Holmes. Johnny Favourite (exploding plastic ambience mix)
30. Bola. Vespers
31. Bandulu. Phaze In (Remix)

‘It’s Midnight in Europe: a mixed selection of favourite electronic records from the 90s. (1990s). You could call this music Electronica, or Ambient Techno, or Post-rave, or maybe even Trance, but whatever you decide upon, it all shares a distinctive feel. There’s a uniformity here that dates the music, a pre-laptop sound. Large boxes and keyboards are being squeezed together. Some of these tracks are almost twenty years old (and getting older). However, as time passes by, many of them also retain a curious freshness, a quality that happily places them outside of time…

It makes perfect sense to start with Eo’s A.D.2600, an ear-grabbing tune that paints a vivid picture of the future from 17 years ago. Beaumont Hannant released some of the most beautiful music of the 90s then vanished. Cheers Beaumont. The Black Dog remix of Reload’s Le Soleil Et La Mer is a melodious wonder, here gently blended into Sooper Kosmos by everybody’s favourite Czech shoegaze/electonica act EoST, alongside renegade academic Celia Green who narrated the intriguing Lucid Dreams CD, released by the equally intriguing EM:T label. Panasonic are up next before their second ‘a’ fell off. Urania offers a pulsating template of controlled power that majestically fizzles to this very day. LFO loom in the background with a future Optimum Logo-tone, while the lurching rhythms and euphoric melodies of Robert Leiner provide a classy European flavour. Across the Herring Pond, Claude Young and the unmistakable, flawless Jeff Mills mix things up a bit before we’re listening to LFO at their feisty finest via the exceptional Electro mix of Tied Up. With the phase-howl of FSOL keening in the distance, Microglobe supply a deep dose of aqua-ambience that almost certainly wouldn’t surface today. When it comes to bouncy percussion, Bandulu clearly take the biscuit with their cracking Slowdive remix, while Global Communication dub Soft Ballet with a breakbeat/bassline combo you cannot tire of. After a Polygon segway, FSOL wind-up their timeless Antique Toy, providing such enjoyment you’ll be needing a brief breather with Woob’s wistful Amoeba.

Suitably refreshed? Then drift away on Luke Slater’s 7th Plane - the distinctive reverb on Shades Amaze is so sweetly thick you could ice a cake with it. It’s all gone hypnotic-frosty as the Arctic Mix of Biosphere’s CHART SMASH, Novelty Waves, supplies exceptional laughing ghost-seagull noises, then the quality breakbeats return with Speedy J and his thematic Fun Equations. A fine slab of analogue is provided by the Octagon Man’s Klunk, while unknown oddity Beautyon leads us into the murky, delicious, contemporary sounding decay of one-album wonders Autocreation. Dead Eye is a perfect, dark UK techno gem glowering alone - you could get lost in those chords forever. Conjuring extra gloom is influential mystery-man Anthony Manning, who manages to coax a miasma of glorious dread using nearly nothing. S-s-s-s-scared? It must be the classic Autechre remix of Saint Etienne, but then the soothing beat of Bradley’s Robot breaks through the fog like a lovely lighthouse. There’s night at the end of the tunnel, as the delayed delivery of Mira Calix’s Khala informs us that Night-time is the right time for tears, and David Holmes unexpectedly pops up with a charming pre-Hollywood moment. To round things off, Bola’s sublime Vespers confuses the mix by being released in the year 2000, but we’ll pretend that didn’t happen and peter owt with the endless shimming haze of Phaze-in. ’

Source: SoundCloud / thisisnightvision

29th February 2012


After 2k+ downloads & 1,500 streams, Nightvision’s (Super) Novecano mix returns from winter retirement + now lives here on Mixcloud. Welcome it back.

(Super) Novecano by Nightvision on Mixcloud

21st November 2011

A NEW MIX FOR NOVEMBER. Schizoid pop for the whole family. Contains unreleased exclusives & some truly rare gems.

(super) novecano - 59:59

cast, in order of appearance:

grimes - circumambient (exclusive, unreleased)
zomby - labyrinth
elite gymnastics - so close to paradise
saint etienne vs. aphex twin - your head my voice (voix revirement)
maria minerva - turn me on (working on full power) (unreleased)
air - run
irmin schmidt + kumo - kick on the floods
nitzer ebb - join in the chant (metal mix)
primal scream - miss lucifer (alec empire’s panther girl)
lords of acid - i sit on acid (soulwax remix; assassin edit)
scorn - falling (autechre ‘fr13’ remix)
james holden vs. bodyrox - bodylump (assassin edit)
sbtrkt - hide or seek (assassin edit)
fatima al qadari - vatican vibes
regis - blinding horses
these new puritans - swords of truth (assassin remix)
tricky - black steel
clark - growl’s garden
planningtorock - living it out
kuedo - salt lake cuts
prurient - time’s arrow (unsolved)
health - die slow
einstürzende neubauten vs. tricky interlude (assassin edit)
oneohtrix point never - andro
vhs head - brain damaged
college - simon’s past
virgin suicides/air interlude
metric - grow up + blow away (assassin edit)


Source: SoundCloud / thisisnightvision